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Why Local Aged Beef Makes A Difference

Boeuf Local’s objective and hope are to see Quebecers enjoy a delicious steak or burger with friends and family in the comfort of their homes. We want to bridge the gap between the farm and your BBQ/freezer. Buying beef from a local farmer is a lot easier than it used to be; the days of driving all the way out in the country to pick up a few steaks are gone. Our goal is to give everyone the option of good local beef at a competitive price, delivered right at your door.

David and Philip noticed over the years that it is possible to raise Black Angus beef in the Mirabel area while offering a quality product at a competitive price. What differentiates our beef from all others is that we dry age the entire beef for 28 days. While dry aging is an expensive process, we believe the results are worth it. Once you taste our beef, you will understand why!

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Boeuf Local Black Angus


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