Boeuf Local’s Story

At Boeuf Local, we are beef farmers. Noticing that the beef, we raise did not often end up on Quebecers’ BBQs, we made the decision to start selling the beef we raise ourselves. Our true pride and passion have always been and always will be raising top-quality Black Angus beef. Selling our locally raised beef ourselves is a new journey for us and we look forward to having all Quebecers part of the Boeuf Local story.

Boeuf Local’s objective and hope are to see Quebecers enjoy a delicious steak or burger with friends and family in the comfort of their homes. We want to bridge the gap between the farm and your BBQ/freezer. Buying beef from a local farmer is a lot easier than it used to be; the days of driving all the way out in the country to pick up a few steaks are gone. Our goal is to give everyone the option of good local beef at a competitive price, delivered right at your door.

David and Philip noticed over the years that it is possible to raise Black Angus beef in the Mirabel area while offering a quality product at a competitive price. What differentiates our beef from all others is that we dry age the entire beef for 28 days. While dry ageing is an expensive process, we believe the results are worth it. Once you taste our beef, you will understand why!

Our beef is raised locally in and around Mirabel, offering our customers a true Quebec product. This exceptional beef has aged a minimum of 28 days and sold exclusively through our online portal (e-commerce). Its taste and its tenderness are sure to impress you.

Ferme Pelletier et Moorhead has been a family business for many years. David Moorhead was raised on the family farm and started working on the farm at the age of 10 to help his parents. Together with Pascale and Doug, they have been raising Black Angus beef (calf cows) for nearly 30 years. This family passion for farming which is now in its third generation; from Gerald Moorhead to Doug Moorhead to David Moorhead is both special and quite rare. On the Pelletier side, Philip is part of the second generation of farmers.

David has played many sports, but his main passion is golf. He works on Airbus with Shorts Brothers (Kentech Aviation Services in Mirabel) and is the driving force behind David and Philip Inc. He always has a new idea in mind!

Philip completed a 28-year career in the military in administrative and finance services. He has travelled around the world in places such as Egypt, Norway, Europe and Afghanistan. Philip retired from the Armed Forces in 2016 and now works as an Administrative Service Coordinator for Commissionaires Ottawa which employs over 4000 security guards. Philip lives with his daughter Sarina who also works on the farm and studies Paramedic Care at CEGEP de l’Outaouais. Conservative by nature, Philip is responsible for the administrative side of the business, outdoor market sales, and for small work on the farm.

David and Philip Inc. started with an idea from David after Pascale started selling a few pieces of Angus beef in 2017. The success of this initiative quickly generated a lot of excitement. David and Philip then searched land for sale in the Mirabel area. In August 2018, David and Philip purchased land, a house and buildings at 5305 St-Hyacinthe n Mirabel; this would end up being on the same row as Pelletier & Moorhead Farm. This 100-acre land was used to buy Pascale and Doug's steers, raise them locally and sell cuts from a small storefront and at outdoor markets.

This would never have been possible without the support and collaboration of Pascale and Doug who have been the pillars of the company since day one and remain unconditional supporters of day-to-day operations. David and Philip Inc. would also like to thank Farm Credit Canada, which provides financial support to the company.

We are happy to offer you this local Quebec product; 100 % Quebec beef delivered to your door. A 10% discount will be applied for any order through our Web platform.